Beaches and Cliff

The cliff :

On top of this cliff ... we see the unfolding of a beautiful coastline. The high chalk cliffs are layered with flint and can reach hight of 100 meter in some places. The experienced eye might spot a silver seagull perched on the slightest ledge along the coast

Long walks:

Descending the cliffs via steps at low tide,  the pleasure of exploring rock pools and walking the wild, unspoilt beach can be enjoyed. Children will be delighted trying to fish.


only 500 meters from Le Pré Marin are dramatic chalk cliffs, from which you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Alabaster coast. It is awild beach composed of pebbles stones, sand bordered by vegetation. This is a very quiet place and ideal for walking, and let the kids splashing in puddles.

Beach of Saint Aubin sur Mer :


Beach of Saint Aubin sur Mer is a beautiful and wide sandy beach at low tide

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 falaises veules
Beach of Veules les Roses :

Resort with sandy beach, 3 km from the Pre Marin. Veules les roses is a charming little village and the seaside is equipped with a large children paddle and playground

The Alabaster Coast :

The Pays de Caux, in Normandy, is typical for its wavy relief : very fertile plateaux are brocken by many narrow deep valleys (called valleuse) which, following the river, slowly lead to the sea.  Inexhaustible source of walks in the fresh air, the cliffs are full of botanical treasures.

Storm :

High tides and especially high tides of Equinoxe give the opportunity for an unknown show : crashing waves pounding beaches or cliffs

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